Wednesday, May 18, 2005

More Election Updates

Preliminary Election Results
38th Provincial General Election - May 17, 2005
Elections B.C.
Five possible recounts come to light in B.C. election
May, 18 2005 - 10:10 AM

VANCOUVER/CKNW(AM980) - The final outcomes
will not change the fact we have elected another majority
Liberal government.<>But official recounts are a possibility in
five constituencies, now, where the unofficial, election-night
tallies show margins of fewer than 300 votes separating the
winner from the runner-up.
NDP exceeds expectations
Last Updated May 18 2005 05:06 AM PDT
CBC News

VANCOUVER The New Democratic Party has captured
33 seats in the B.C. election, exceeding even its leader's
expectations of how well the party would do Tuesday night.
Female Candidates Nominated

It's midnight and here are the results for women candidates
in the 2005 B.C. provincial election at this time.
Congratulations to all the women candidates who ran
in this election. We thank you.

Congratulations to all of you, too, who worked on candidates'
campaigns, helped others to vote and voted in this election.
The winners are listed below, and here are the compiled
results compared against past elections:
  • In 2005, women make up 22.8% of MLAs
  • In 2001, women made up 24% of MLAs
  • In 1996, women made up 28% of MLAs
The percentage of women elected is trending downwards.
On average statistically, women tend to win in the same
proportion as men. In this case, women lost a disproportion-
ately higher number of seats then did male candidates.
The Liberals ran 25 women, the NDP 23 and 18 women won.

Had women won in proportion to their numbers as candidates
with the 2 parties that had representatives elected, we might
have expected about 24 women to be elected.

Winning Women Candidates

1. Coquitlam-Mallairdville – Diane Thorpe (NDP) - TBC
Delta South – Val Roddick (LIB)

3. Esquimalt-Metchosin – Maurine Karagianis (NDP)

4. Kelowna-Mission - Sindi Hawkins (LIB)

5. Langley - Mary Polak (LIB)

6. Maple Ridge-Mission - Jenny Stevens (NDP)

7. North Island - Claire Trevena (NDP)

8. North Vancouver-Lonsdale - Katherine Anne Whittred (LIB)

9. Oak Bay–Gordon Head - Ida Chong (LIB)

10. Prince George-Mt Robson - Shirley Bond (LIB)

11. Richmond Centre - Olga Ilich (LIB)

12. Richmond East - Linda Reid (LIB)

13. Surrey-Green Timbers - Sue Hammell (NDP)

14. Vancouver-Langara - Carole Taylor (LIB)

15. Vancouver-Mt Pleasant - Jenny Kwan (NDP)

16. Victoria-Beacon Hill - Carole James (NDP)

17. West Kootenay-Boundary - Katrine Convoy (NDP)

18. West Vancouver-Garibaldi - Joan McIntyre (LIB)


10 Liberal women

8 NDP women

Join us and we'll change the 'Body Politic'

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