Thursday, May 19, 2005

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Poll Patrol
By Jason Youmans, (May 18, 2005).
Monday Magazine.

"When voters in British Columbia went to the polls on May 17,
some were armed with information and opinions gleaned from
the websites of political pundits across the province. But the
question that remained, even after their votes were counted,
was: were they advertised to? Or were they simply informed?"
See link for whole article.
May, 18 2005 - 7:00 PM. CKNW.

The BC Nurses Union has been quick to set some post-election

Among them, legislation to protect health care workers from
needlestick injuries, and whistleblower protection for nurses
who speak out about conditions that are detrimental to patient

BCNU President Debra McPherson says her non-partisan
organization is pleased with the outcome of the provincial

"We're certainly happy that there's a strong opposition in
place but recognize also that the premier has retained the
government and that it's his government we'll have to work

So we have to congratulate him on his victory."

The union is asking for a meeting with the new government
and opposition and other stakeholeders, to work to improve
the health care system.
On what planet is the BCNU "non-partisan???" Is that a typo?
Vancouver-Burrard Wrangling
May, 18 2005 - 6:00 PM

VANCOUVER(CKNW/AM980) - The NDP candidate in
Vancouver Burrard says he's now pulled ahead of the Liberal
incumbent-- with just a dozen votes between them.

By morning, Liberal incumbent Lorne Mayencourt was still
ahead by 13 votes-- but by afternoon, his NDP challenger
Tim Stevenson got word he had pulled ahead.
NDP candidate says he won Vancouver-Burrard
CBC News, (May 19 2005).

What were you thinking Vancouver-Burrard & anyone who
voted Green, or other parties in this riding? How on earth
could anyone want Mayencourt to "represent" them?
It's laughable and makes the riding look like a joke. I'd like
to hear more from the VPD and the special prosecutor that is
looking into the little "skirmish" Mayencourt had with a street

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