Sunday, May 22, 2005

Our own New Hampshire?

Last Updated May 18 2005 03:42 AM PDT
CBC News

VANCOUVER Kamloops has re-elected its Liberal MLA,
keeping its reputation as a bellwether riding that votes with the
I find this fascinating, who'd a thunk that little Kamloops is
on the cutting edge of political soothsaying? I wonder if their
special talents stretch to federal elections too? I sure hope
Chuck Cadman can get some peace, rest and health now.
I find Mr. Cadman to be a real inspiration as a politician
and that's not something I can say every day. He is the kind
of person that makes me want to play this game, because it
shows that people can play and not lose their integrity,
commitment and vision for why they get into politics.
I wish you all the best Mr. Cadman, may the force be with you.

Perhaps it is just me, but I sure find the new Star Wars:
Revenge of the Sith
is the perfect metaphor for the things
I am up against. And of course that makes me a Jedi Knight,
not Master, as I haven't perfected my tricks and powers, but
I will as I continue my battle against the evil Sith lords, who
seek to control the galaxy. I don't think I have to worry about
turning to the dark side, but you never know. I guess like Anakin
Skywalker finds out, pacts with the devil on either side place one
in precarious and potentially dangerous positions. I guess
Belinda will be able to tell some stories about that some day.
Hmm, maybe since Lucas is finished with the Star Wars saga
maybe he'll be looking for a new project?

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