Monday, May 23, 2005

Senate hearing on media

Senate Sleeps While Media Concentrates: If the Senate’s
Winnipeg hearing is any indication of its commitment to media reform,
this one will be a ludicrously expensive write-off
On the Edge, By Lesley Hughes
March/April 2005
(Tuesday, May 17, 2005). The
The Senate Committee Studying Media held a public hearing
in Winnipeg in February, and it had all the excitement of any
party that nobody wants to give and nobody wants to attend.
Enough with the dog and pony shows across the country,
we know that media concentration, such as the Canwest
oligarchy, is a negative thing. As a citizen of this province
and country, I find it shameful that major newspapers shill
for politicians and parties, as I just witnessed in BC's election.
Big pictures and lots of press for Campbell, with a bit of coverage
of Carole James & Adriane Carr. Aren't there laws about
monopolies? There should be when it comes to the media.
The Asper viewpoint of the world is but one small piece
of the story. I'm singing the praises and hopes once again
for a diversity of voices and perspectives to be heard in the
mainstream corporate media. When did newspapers and news
leave real journalism behind and move into the entertainment
business? I know they need to sell the ads, but c'mon, it's
getting ridiculous. If you read the local newspapers, Vancouver
Sun & the Province, as well as watch Global News, you see
the majority of news and information spring from the same
source, It makes me wonder what has been left out in the
interests of an easy, more cost effective media feed. It's all
about the bottom-line in the corporate media, right?

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