Thursday, May 09, 2013

8:01 Club: Christy Clark, You're Fired!

Love this new meme about the 801 Club. I guess if Pinochio Coleman, Hogg and Fassbender haven't heard of it means they haven't been invited into this elite new club. D'oh!

Liberals dismiss existence of "801" club
Shane Woodford, 5/8/2013, SURREY/CKNW (AM980)

BC Liberal candidates at a Surrey rally for leader Christy Clark are dismissing claims of a movement to oust her.

Fort Langley-Aldergrove candidate Rich Coleman didn't mince words calling the so-called 801 club a “load of crap."

"I think it's cheap, childish, amateurish, on the part of anybody who would say it, but there's lot of people around politics who don't actually understand things like loyalty and trust and they're not people who are with us."

Coleman says this all a distraction from a clearly desperate NDP.

"We are in the best shape we have ever been going into an election and coming out of an election in all manners and we have attracted the greatest slate of candidates I have ever seen so I think that people who want to do that just go and have your own little world but stay out of ours because we are just going go win the election."

Fellow Liberal Gordon Hogg says he has never heard of the 801 club.

"Only heard from you just now."

 "What do you think?"

 "Well I think it is bizarre to be thinking of that in the future right now we are focused on trying to win an election doing everything we can to focus on that and that has to be our sole motivation and source at this point in time."

The same thing goes for Surrey-Fleetwood contender Peter Fassbender.

"Have you ever heard of this 801 club?"

 "No I haven't, no I have heard of the 401 which is a highway that we built a new bridge on."

Global BC reports of a movement within party ranks to push for Clark’s resignation one minute after the polls close at 8 pm on election day.

BC Election 2013: Liberal Knives Are Out to Oust Christy Clark

Follow the link for the video. 

As reported by Jas Johal on Global BC's evening NewsHour, an organized movement to oust Christy Clark as BC Liberal leader has already begun in the upper echelons of the provincial governing party.

Called the 801 Club — symbolizing 8:01 p.m., one minute after the election and the minute when the movement plans to begin the process of putting pressure on Clark to step aside, the club — made up of party members and business leaders — has already created 801 buttons, as can be seen in the video clip above, to signify the serious intent of the movement.

The 801 movement not only wants to rid the party of Christy Clark, but those that surround her, as well, including her brother, Bruce; ex-husband and BC Liberal organizer Mark Marissen; the 2013 Liberal party campaign chair Mike McDonald; and current Liberal party president, Sharon White.

Gordon Campbell's former chief of staff, Martyn Brown, says the scandals that the Clark Liberals have endured are self-inflicted and speak to Clark's rudderless and ethically-challenged leadership of the BC Liberal party.
"When you look at one thing after the next, it's just a bad series of judgements that fall directly in her lap," Brown told host Simi Sara, at 12:38pm, on her afternoon CKNW talk show. "There is no escaping that, and this just brings it home in spades to people that it is the Premier's judgement that is at issue here."
 Day after day, in the Georgia Straight and in The Province newspaper, Brown has challenged Clark's questionable leadership of the BC Liberal party, and her time in government as the unelected Premier of the province.

Why would Brown consistently position himself on the attack against Clark in everything he writes and tells any broadcaster or journalist that will interview him unless he is, in fact, one of the charter members of the 801 Club, working in concert with business leaders to ensure that a person who better represents the interests of the business community will replace Christy Clark after a resounding defeat at the polls next Tuesday?

Piling on today on—the increasingly beleaguered—Christy Clark, high profile BC Liberal Daniel Veniez, who writes in his Georgia Straight commentary ...
"I'm progressive, but not of the ideological left, and pragmatic, not of the doctrinaire right. I am a moderate and in the sensible centre ... I have never voted NDP in my life ... In British Columbia, voters have only two parties to choose from. On May 14, I am voting B.C. NDP. There are two reasons for that. The first is Christy Clark. The second is Adrian Dix. 
Clark's gaffe-prone, content-free, divisive, and ethically challenged tenure as unelected premier of B.C. has been well chronicled. 

The core of her relentless electioneering is anchored on a fantastical notion that B.C. will be "debt free" in 15 years through liquefied natural gas. This is based entirely on the incredibly dubious premise that the stars of a volatile and highly cyclical commodity business will align exactly as she predicts. The reality is that none of us — including those within the industry who would make these multibillion investments — has the foggiest clue whether any of this is fact or fiction. But common sense should tell us this: Clark has made a career out of smoke and mirrors ... the "debt free BC" slogan of her campaign is yet another whopper from Clark, whose entire government has been punctuated by advertising, gimmickry, and endless photo-ops, culminating in this election with a slogan that simply defies all credibility ..." 

Dix is a refreshing change.

He's a humble and quiet man, not given to exaggeration nor to fits of narcissism. Not a "natural" politician, Dix is nevertheless obviously comfortable in his own skin. Well read and well briefed, Dix knows his files, understands the machinery of government, and has a great appreciation for what government can and can't do. Dix has tried to do politics differently and has waged an honourable campaign. 

As premier, Adrian Dix will restore honesty and substance in Victoria. 

He'll bring sober, deliberative, and collaborative leadership to the premier's office. He'll attract good people from across the ideological spectrum. He'll govern the province as he has his own party: by appealing to all of us to come together to solve the problems of British Columbia. He'll work hard to restore faith in our public institutions and trust in the competence and professionalism of government. 

All of us want competent, honest, and accountable government that appeals to the best in all of us. Adrian Dix will do that. That's why the NDP is getting my vote on May 14.


Anonymous said...

Do you expect in reasonable person to believe this?

BC Liberals Suck said...

I don't expect anyone, reasonable person, or otherwise, to believe anything on this blog. I just report what is going on, as noted by the journalists who care to expose this farce of a government for what it is.

What it looks like to me is there are probably a bunch of moderates (and maybe others) in the BC Liberal party who are tired of Clark's bad leadership and righteous B.S.

They are freaked out and pissed off about the way she is going to lose this election for MLA's from the party who have been busting their @$$e$ for the past few years to see their political careers go up in flames because of her.

So, believe what you want and I'll believe what I want. That's the beauty of democracy and freedom of speech, both of which still exist in BC and Canada and we all get to believe what we want, reasonable, or not.

Thanks for playing.

BC Liberals Suck

Shefley said...

The BC Liberals have shown arrogance and completely dropped the ball with the way they brought in the HST. Although I believe the tax was an improvement on the current system the flip flop was a political and financial disaster.

That being said, do you really believe that the province is better off with the NDP?

Do we really want to rock the economic boat? Do we want to go socialist and follow Europe into financial ruin?

Honestly in my opinion there are 3 valid reasons to vote NDP.

1. Bitterness and spite. Your tired of seeing Gordo or Christie's smug face and your willing to vote for a moron/criminal like Dix and pay 54% income tax and sewer the economy, and rack up debt that will cripple our economy, and chase mining and business out of the province to put them and their party in their place.

2. You are a moron and buy the socialist crap about how wealthy people are evil, and unions are good. Good verses evil. Life is simple. The world owes me. Everyone is entitled to their fair share despite their lack of work ethic or willingness to risk anything. Business owners are greedy and want to destroy the environment. (I wish I could live with that kind of ignorant bliss, where everything is black and white and so simple, and you could trust your emotional angst. "That person has more than me so he must be bad."

3. You belong to a trade union. You put your own personal agenda ahead of the entire province. Your short term hand out that the labour friendly NDP will hand you is enough to overlook the pending financial disaster that will soon follow.

Is there a fourth?

Kevin Shefley

BC Liberals Suck said...

To answer some of your questions.

Yes, the province will be much better off with the new NDP majority that is about to get in.

The people of BC, especially the middle and lower classes, are much, much worse off after a decade of the most corrupt, incompetent and dreadful fiscal managers in BC's history. Check out many of the items posted under List Makers for evidence of it.

I can't believe in 2013 I've actually read that someone in Canada is afraid of BC going "socialist." Newsflash, that horse was out of the gate about 50, or more years ago.

BC and Canada have social welfare roots. This is what has made Canada the envy of the world, and until right-wing governments began to take over and destroy the social safety net, that was something to be very proud of.

Your ugly and meanness is showing. In BC we live in a democracy and there is no room to call anyone "a moron" for voting with their conscience. If you are what passes for a BC Liberal supporter, you are the reason the people of BC will be voting the party out of office in droves.

More than just union members and socialists will be voting for the BC NDP. That is why they will get a majority on May 14th.

People across all socio-economic and gender lines are tired of the corruption, mismanagement, incompetence and cruelty of the BC Liberal government's reign of terror that has left many, many citizens much worse off. So they will vote for CHANGE.

I guess you'll be looking for a new province in a couple of days. I just heard on the radio a village in Alberta is missing you, you'd best get a move on.

Thanks for playing.

Anonymous said...

OMG. This post is terrible. NDP criminal? It's OK for Christy to go through a red light, her party hide the 3 million taxpayers' dollars on protecting that criminal Basi, Gordo to get caught drinking and driving?

I am one of the worse off citizens. I've been working out of the province for YEARS because there is no work here.

Anonymous said...

BC Liberals suck, thank you for your foolish posts, you helped keep the NDP (No Dam Platform) out with your strange reasons trying to blame today's Liberals for past missteps when there are new people in charge and Christy Clark can now lead with loyal party members in caucus as opposed to Campbell's louts. Your party forgot to look in their own back yard at your fearless leader and the same group of people as you had when Dix was advising the Glen Clark government. Well done! Thank you!