Sunday, May 12, 2013

List Makers - Part 3: More from Laila's List

52) The highly contentious and suspect South Fraser Perimeter Road – yet another project in Campbells infamous Gateway program, that  runs through farmland, skirts the unique and precious Burns Bog, and has taken more than a few peoples home, AND  has already been downgraded before it is even built. and
51) The sale of BC Rail, and everything related that has happened before- and since.
50)  The $6 million pay-off of Basi and Virk to plead guilty to some charges in the trial – but not the ones relating to the sale of BC Rail.
48) The HST and all the lies that surrounded the introduction of it to the people of BC –
47)  Child poverty rates the highest in the country – 8 years in a row – Shame, shame, shame. Doesn’t Campbell know the children really are our future?
44) Hidden tolls paid by everyone in BC, on the Sea to Sky highway, disguised as ” Vehicle usage Payments” AND  scroll down on this link to the full series
43) Gutting of Freedom of Information laws in BC. Under Christy Clark, allegedly an open government, requests are now posted online, which inhibits many people from requesting. However, often newsworthy  FOI requests are not posted.
37) Gutted workers rights, undermined labour laws.
36)The introduction of the Carbon Tax ( still don’t like it, punitive to northern residents) and the Pacific Carbon trust, that has provided a fabulous income to friends of the BC Liberals.
33) Continual mismanagement of the Forests and related forestry industries in this province
32)Gutted the apprenticeship system in BC, laid off apprenticeship counselors and replaced them with a 1-800 number.  ( Hey Christy, you need skilled labour to fill jobs in BC)
31)The entire Accenture/Bc Hydro ongoing debacle…
26) The long and storied relationship between the BC Liberals, SNC Lavalin that continued with Christy Clark bringing on Gwyn Morgan as her personal advisor during her  transition.
23) One word: PAVCO, who hates the truth so much they want to stop investigative journalist Bob Mackin from getting any from them.
21)  On a related topic, the overpriced Time of India Awards Show, billed as being a strategic move to open BC to Indian investment and business opportunities.. but no one in India watched and it turns out its just a huge advertising plunder to attempt and buy more votes from the Indo community in BC:
18) While claiming she has government spending under control, Clark spent more on government credit cards than Campbell in the same time period.
16) Bringing the still controversial Smart Meters to British Columbia.. when in other locales, people have a choice, and in others, they haven’t worked well
15) Failed Jobs Plan, worst yet, Clark continues to spout inaccurate numbers and expects voters to believe her  –
13) The BC Liberals have continually refused to adhere to Generally Accepted Accounting Principle, instead manipulating the provincial books to make the financial picture of the province look better than it really is
12) The BC liberal government continually stonewalled their own Auditor Generals attempts to find the truth behind the $6million Basi- Virk payment.
11) Clark keeps insisting – and repeating on air – that Moodys rating agency verified her budget was balanced… when in reality, they did not and that isn’t even what they do. Hasn’t stopped her from repeating it over and over again…
7) That same Christy Clark spent $15million taxpayers dollars on partisan government ads on the very unsuccessful BC Jobs Plan… …. all while claiming she controlled government spending.
6) While claiming to have reigned in government spending, under Christy Clarks leadership, the BC Liberals added $ 11 Billion dollars to the provincial debt and obligations.
2) Christy Clark’s LNG plan for the future of BC? Just rainbows,glitter and unicorns, as shown by CBC Reality Check.
And the number 1 reason the BC Liberals must go?
The BC liberal party actually voted Christy Clark as their leader… and look what’s happened since.

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