Wednesday, May 15, 2013

BCNDP Wrestle Defeat from the Jaws of Victory: BC Liberal win majority, while Clark loses her own seat

Explain to me what kind of twisted "democracy" we have here in BC when a person (Christy Clark) can fail to be elected in her own riding, but will continue to be Premier of her party, which won a majority?

Have said it before, but it bears repeating - to the victor goes the spoils and the corporations are licking their chops at what Clark and the BC Liberals will be delivering to them. People  of BC, you are now owned lock, stock and barrel by the Corpocracy. 

Don't have time to provide a full analysis right now, but the people of BC have spoken and this is what they have said:
  • We reject Adrian Dix as the leader of BC. He just did not resonate with a majority of voters. 
  • We reject the BC NDP in many areas of the province. 
  • We want more corporations to enjoy the spoils of our assets, our resources and we want to see more shadowy privatization and contracts we will never see. 
  • We do not care about child poverty, seniors conditions, or the most vulnerable in our society. 
  • We do not care that this government has been the most corrupt, incompetent and malicious in BC's history - we will elect them anyways over the NDP. Independent Vicki Huntington was re-elected in Delta South, making her the only one of three independent MLAs to hold on to her seat.

But Liberal leader loses her own riding of Vancouver-Point Grey to NDP candidate

The Liberals won 44.4 per cent of the popular vote and 50 Liberals were elected in the province's 85 ridings.

The NDP won 39.5 per cent of the popular vote, giving them 33 seats in the legislature, three seats less than they held before the election.

Green Party candidate Andrew Weaver won the first provincial seat for the party in the Vancouver Island riding of Oak Bay-Gordon Head, but party leader Jane Sterk failed to win her seat in Victoria. Overall the Greens won eight per cent of the popular vote.

Independent Vicki Huntington was re-elected in Delta South, making her the only one of three independent MLAs to hold on to her seat.

"Tonight we have received a mandate from the people of British Columbia. And I say to the citizens of British Columbia: You have humbled us tonight with this opportunity and the tremendous obligation you've placed on our shoulders. Together we will make British Columbia better.

"British Columbians will always know what I stand for," said Clark, who stuck close to her campaign message of growing the economy, balancing the budget and creating a "debt-free B.C."

"Together we have succeeded in keeping B.C. on the right track … Our future has never been brighter."

No more Orwellian words have been spoken. 

See this News1130 page for a results breakdown by riding: 
BC election results page

P.S. And here I was looking forward to retiring this blog. 


Anonymous said...

It is in may ways a very sick society. Here we have a so-called Premier that is not elected and will now ask an elected official to step down. In turn that person will receive some government posting at our expense. It really doesn't matter that we have one of the highest scandal riddled governments in the Country... people said we want more. Keep spending on TV ads & Bollywood and forget Seniors & those in need.
And please keep us in debt.....

Guy in Vic

Anonymous said...

The intelligence and tone of this blog matched that of the average NDP supporter. Bitter and uninformed. Those traits of a loser. Get back to work fool.

BC Liberals Suck said...

Haters gonna hate.

Have a nice day.

Unknown said...

Actually, the kind where representation in the capitol is not solely based on whether or not your popular on the out-of-touch university campuses but judged rather by what the real, commonsense majority thinks.

Unknown said...

We don't care about child poverty?, Give me a break, can the abusive and divisive rhetoric. Everybody wants to end child poverty, the debate is over HOW to do that effectively. Lefties and NDP ers say tax more, more gov't power and programs, that fails every time because of beauraucracy and impersonality of the gov't. Righties say incentivise good behavior with tax breaks but never do they just accept child poverty, the problem goes deeper and employment is the greatest weapon for the parents of these kids.

BC Liberals Suck said...

Re: Electoral representation.
@Unknown - Do you even read what is put on this blog, or do you have a difficult time when things get too complex to understand?

The BC Liberals were elected to office on May 14th with "just 21.8 per cent of all eligible votes" (McMartin, 2013).

So it would be more accurate to say the "commonsense majority thinks" Premier Clark and her bunch were not worth voting for since some 78.2% of eligible voters didn't vote for them.

Of course, Clark, running as leader, couldn't even win her own riding/seat and people preferred a political neophyte, David Eby, over a seasoned political hack with millions and millions of dollars (of taxpayer funds) of advertising.


Re: A Real Poverty Reduction Plan.
BC is one of only 2 provinces in Canada that does NOT have a real plan.

Of course people who voted Liberal don't care about child poverty, it became a growth industry for the last 12 years under the BC Liberal for very structural reasons that are quite beyond whatever limited analysis you would be able to understand at this point.

I will try to make it super easy to understand for you. When _1_ province leads child (family) poverty for 8/12 yrs in office, that is directly related to bad public policy and inadequate funding of REAL evidence-based interventions which have worked to reduce poverty all over Canada and elsewhere.

BC's right-wing Liberal government has given nothing but "incentives" to business (ie. decreasing corporate taxes) and the wealthy. They have rewarded the citizens of BC by NOT creating jobs, and/or cutting higher paying jobs and creating low wage jobs no-one can afford to live on. Please have a look at some StatCan labour market data before you try to publically speak about these issues.

Haven't you heard Jim Flaherty, Conservative Finance Minister, exhorting the business/corporate community to stop sitting on all of the piles of money that rolled in with federal tax cuts and start creating new jobs for Canadians?

Canada is in a serious economic crisis because of this stuff and if the Cons are even talking about it that is very scary and we should be paying attention.

You also clearly do not know enough about poverty to discuss the issue and fall back on false assumptions. The majority of families living in poverty are headed by parents (one, or both) who are employed. With an ever-increasing cost of living (rent, food, gas/transportation, medical care...) more and more families are vulnerable to living in poverty. Add to that the low paying jobs produced by businesses/ corporations (while they collect corporate welfare) and this is what works to drive poverty in BC.

Don't believe me, scan the want ads in your town, see how much jobs are paying, what jobs are available etc. Learn more here: