Thursday, May 23, 2013

Some chat from The Post-Mortem: #Elxn40 Shake

Blogger Gabriel Laurence Cayer said...

I don't think it's "clear that Clark didn't win this election, Dix lost it." Dix squandered most of his lead by heading a pretty lame campaign, but it took a really brilliant Liberal campaign to put Clark all the way over the top.
9:44 PM
Blogger BC Liberals Suck said...
It is very clear that the NDP (not just Dix) ran "a pretty lame campaign" and this may have squandered a good lead. There is more than one reason this happened, not just a bad campaign strategy. 

I would hope those of us with a variety of political persuasions can all agree on one thing - that polls are full of crap! We might as well have people throwing bones and soothsaying the outcome of elections from here on out. 

However, it is absolute nonsense to think "it took a really brilliant Liberal campaign to put Clark all the way over the top."

Millions of dollars, both taxpayer BC Liberal supporters and others, were shoveled out of the back of a truck and Christy Clark couldn't manage to get elected in her own riding!!! 

This stunning defeat came from the person who had been both the MLA for Vancouver-Point Grey, but also front and centre as Premier for 2 years!!! She lost, even though she was running against a political neophyte, David Eby, who had far less financial resources backing him, and is an unknown quantity to a lot of people. 

What Eby had was an outstanding and hardworking campaign team, a brilliant mind and passion to serve the public good. He is also a person with the kind of integrity and ethics Clark could never begin to even dream of. His constituents are fortunate to have him represent them, those who voted for him and those who didn't. 

What the BC Liberals had was lots of $$$ (much of it taxpayers) for attack ads, candidates who appealed to local voters, and some really safe ridings. They also have voters who like their political ideologies and decisions, no matter how bad they are and how they impact us. Its only a matter of time before all of us get this, because no-one can be shielded forever. 

I was talking to a friend the other day and she told me that because there are no doctors, or transportation for people living in smaller communities in BC to go to places to see doctors and specialists (as well as waitlists to see them), by the time they are able to find ways to get to doctors, they see them and are riddled with cancer and die within very short time frames. That is Health Care brought to you by the BC Liberals. 

In some ways, as the BC Liberal brand of government keeps imploding upon itself, and the election lies start to become more apparent, or fail to materialize, the NDP and their supporters might just start to think it was a blessing in disguise not to win this go around.
Watch and wait, it's all coming apart at the seams. BS, spin, mismanagement, and incompetence can only work for so long before it all starts to fall apart.
6:54 PM

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