Sunday, May 05, 2013

BC Liberals Gutted Employment Standards & Labour Codes in BC: Wilkinson Needs a Lesson in History & Reality

For a smart guy, Andrew Wilkinson's statements on BC's Labour Code and the NDP's intention of changing it make him look like an idiot and a party hack. 

The BC Liberals gutted the Employment Standards, the Labour Code and Worksafe BC. Many people in BC have felt the pain of that and will continue to. 

There have been widespread labour relations conflict and long strikes under the "leadership" of the BC Liberals. Where the hell has Wilkinson been while all of that was happening? 

BC doesn't need anymore politicians who bury their head in the sand while real people hurt. Some of those real people could be your constituents if enough people are stupid enough to vote for the likes of Wilkinson. 

With this one article, he makes it clear he will not be an advocate, or representative, for those who are living with the consequences of labour and workplace issues that arise out of the poor protection of the BC Liberal Labour codes. I hope the working people in Vancouver-Quilchena understand that when they go to the ballot box. 

The BC Liberals have also cost tax payers millions in legal fees fighting losing battles because of tearing up freely bargained collective agreements. 

The BC Liberals brought  international disgrace and condemnation to BC for bringing in legislation that encouraged child labour by making it much easier for those 12 year old and up to work. That is definitely something the NDP must remove from the Code. 

Working people in BC have seen an assault on their workplace safety and rights and ability to access wage replacement while injured due to the changes of Labour Code, Employment Standards and Worksafe BC legislation and regulations. When the NDP become the majority government, they have both an opportunity and an obligation to change and improve these things to equalize things for workers and employers. 

Maybe Wilkinson should take a read of the CCPA report, Eroding Worker Protections: British Columbia’s New ‘Flexible’ Employment Standards by David Fairey before he starts talking about things he clearly has no clue about. 

Under the BC Liberals employers have taken full advantage of expanding the use of Temporary Foreign Workers, while BC and Canadian taxpayers and citizens have gotten the shaft. This has lowered the income rates for all Canadians, something the BC Liberals are clearly in favour of. 

BC Liberal candidate calls out NDP over vague Labour Code promises
CKNW News Staff | Email news tips to

The BC Liberal candidate for Vancouver-Quilchena says if the Liberals get elected, they would not mess around with the Labour Code - unlike the BC NDP.

Andrew Wilkinson -- speaking to reporters at Jack Poole plaza -- says the NDP have a tremendous amount of pressure from the unions.

"They've said they want to rebalance the Labour Code and they won't tell anybody what that means. They say they want to consider the card check system for union certification rather than the secret ballot, but they won't commit one way or the other. This is sure sign of weak leadership from the NDP."

He adds they've had good labour relations in the province for 12 years and the Liberals would work to keep it that way.

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