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List Makers - Part 2 - Laila Yuile's 100 + reasons the BC Liberals must go.

Laila that political media dynamo that BC Liberals and others love to hate has updated her list of the reasons the BC Liberals have to go in T-3 days.
Here are some that caught our eye. Read the whole list here.

100 + reasons the BC Liberals must go

In 2010, I asked my readers to see how fast they could come up with 100 reasons NOT to vote for Gordon Campbell ( and the Liberals) again.  Readers rose to the challenge, and the comment sections quickly filled with concrete examples of Liberal failures that have all occurred during that Golden Decade during which the BC Liberals revealed an agenda of slice and dice vs. corporate welfare.

141) "Fabricating ” an ‘energy crisis’ in BC to be solved by forcing the public utility BC Hydro to buy power at twice the market value from Liberal-stocked independent power producers and then reselling it at a loss to owners of air-conditioners in California .

140)Closed 24 of 68 courthouses so the Attorney General could meet budget targets , therefore putting excessive strain and overload on the remaining ones, and forcing people to travel further to deal with family and criminal matters.

137) Massive, MASSIVE cutbacks to legal aid services in this province, across the board,for the entire time the BC Liberals have been in power . More people than ever are unable to remedy family law and simple legal matters because of lack of funding and resulting closures to free clinics, help lines and offices. details  in the reasons below.

127)committed to NOT introduce internet gaming in 2007, then created and introduced the new BCLC online gambling site this year, again increasing and furthering the incidence of gambling addiction and family strife, since there is no way to police it.
126) raised gambling limits to $ 9,999.00 – a mere $1 below the reportable level to FINTRAC, the agency that monitors and polices money laundering… lol.
125) raised MSP premiums, while service and wait times increased – and get ready for another MSP premium increase January 1st, 2013.
122)closed 176 schools between 2001  and  2009 . ONE FREAKING HUNDRED AND SEVENTY SIX SCHOOLS!!!!
121) cut funding to the Success by 6 program, an initiative which gave young children a head start  through more than 400 projects in 240 communities in British Columbia, including early childhood literacy programs, music and social programs for preschoolers, mentorship programs for single mothers,  and pregnancy support .
116) cuts to funding and programs for special needs children in schools as a result of budget cuts.
115) highest tuition fees  ever on record , for university and colleges in BC
111) BC post secondary students collectively pay more in fees than government collects in corporate income tax, showing where Liberal priorities really are.
104) cuts to income assistance programs
103) although the Liberals increased the number of Casinos and access to other forms of gambling, continued cuts have been made to the amount of gaming grants given out to  social service agencies, programs, playground and schools – only a small portion were  ever restored.
97) unregulated fish farms on the coast of bc and their impact on wild salmon stocks, as well as the increase in fish farm licences the Libs handed out during their tenure.
94) The announcement by Campbell to flood hectares of prime land for yet another dam to generate power the province will sell elsewhere – and Christy Clark continues the push for Site C, admitting it’s needed for her LNG dreams
93) Crown land giveaways and contracts apparently based on political donations.
88) The “coincidental” and repeated occurrence of  development and real estate companies who donate large $$ to the Liberal party of BC, getting lucrative land deals and approvals across the province
87) The ” coincidental” and repeated occurence of other corporations( mining,gas, oil and independent power producers) who donate large $$ to the Liberal party of BC getting lucrative contracts, deal and approvals across the province:
86)  In February 2008, the public learned that Campbell’s TransLink board voted themselves a 500 percent pay raise. Only a few weeks later, the premier’s BC Ferries directors received an increase of up to 60 percent — on April 1, 2008 – the same day ferry fares were increased for British Columbians.
Compare this with the fact that in 2008, more than 50,000 British Columbians worked for minimum wage or less
85)  The very large and expensive  mess that is known as BC Ferries
83)  The very large  and again, expensive mess known as BC Hydro , which is on the path to financial ruin    and another opinion
78).  Choosing to contract out the storage, handling and administration of our personal medical records to an American company, which leaves personal information potentially open to dubious uses with American law enforcement
76) Christy Clark has spent so little time in the legislature, she needs a map to find her way around the building when she does show up. Only 19 days in session in one calendar year!
74) Sold off BC Gas, now known as Terasen
72)  Exporting raw logs to China and elsewhere ( a direct contradiction to a campaign promise he made prior to first being elected back in 20o1) all while closing BC mills who could process wood here.’S_FOREST_JOBS_CRISIS.html
71) Vancouver convention centre completely ridiculous cost overruns , which technically might make it the largest screw-up in the history of BC – that is, until the final and true bill for the new Port Mann bridge comes in
70) Sea to sky highway over-runs – with no toll to cover costs . Campbell told press repeatedly at photo ops that the cost of the highway would be $800 million, yet the final cost was  nearly$2 billion +
68) Failed P3- Port Mann Bridge debacle 
66)The  tragically expensive new roof on BC Place stadium...Originally announced at $365 million BEFORE the election, it went to $458 million after the  election of $ 577 million.
64) More cuts to seniors beds in residential care, than have been created, leave seniors and their families at risk and great worry
65) Homelessness in BC  has risen over 300% during Liberals time in power.
62) Severe mental health and addiction cuts left many on the streets and without care- this continues through 2013 with no plan to address the challenges of the most vulnerable.
61)Ken Dobell. And there are many more just like him among the BC Liberals crew of supporters/corporate friends.
53)  The BC Liberals cut student aid, while tuition rates here in BC remain at an all time high - making it hard for domestic students to obtain a post  secondary degree.  It turns out that the Liberals have been promoting our universities and colleges to overseas students, leaving our own BC students in the cold.

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