Monday, May 13, 2013

To the Victor Goes the Spoils: BC Liberals Suck List: The Real Deal, No Spin

Here is the BC Liberals Suck List of how the BC Liberals have made life in BC so much harder, more expensive and less accountable over the last 12 years. In no particular order:

We all pay much more to live in BC now:
  • MSP monthly fees
  • BC Hydro
  • BC Gas
  • BC Ferries
  • Translink & transportation costs
  • Carbon tax (and the scandal of the Carbon Trust)
  • Food costs and cost of living
  • Rent, with fewer rights for tenants
Privatizations, Outsourcing & Privacy Rights:
  • Tearing up collective agreements, firing workers and bringing in cheaper labour in health care leads to increases in transmittable disease outbreaks at many licensed and public facilities. 
  • MSP data and information is outsourced and risks of privacy breaches continue. Question: How do we even know when they screw up? Answer: We don't. 
  • BC Hydro to Accenture (who has paid millions in fines in the US for mismanagement of data projects)
  • BC Gas sold, now it's Terasen Gas and taxpayers pay a private corporation for gas
  • P3 projects that include tolling on some routes, but not others
  • BC Identification card and Drivers Licenses with RFID technology that can track citizens in BC, Canada and the U.S. 
Fiscal Mismanagement & Incompetence
  • Spending millions in cost over-runs on the Vancouver Trade & Convention Centre to have a leaky building.  
  • Spending millions in cost over-runs on replacing the roof at BC Place. 
  • The Port Mann, Gateway and other projects have poured $$$ into private companies while taxpayers are left holding the bag.
  • Cut the Therapeutic Initiatives program. 
  • Spent $16 million taxpayer funds on BC Liberal ads pre-election. 
  • Spent at least $11 million on the Times of India Awards show to court the "Ethnic" South Asian vote and has less than zero to show for it. 
Have destroyed the following:
  • Slashed and burned the Legal Aid and court system around BC. Justice has never been more difficult to access. 
  • Have completely mangled and politicized the BC Public Service Agency and public sector so that it is a culture of bullying, covering up scandals, corruption and incompetence, while competent people with integrity fled in droves leaving pond scum behind to fight each other over the spoils. 
  • Ministry of Attorney General in BC has spent millions in unknown and unreported legal fees fighting litigation from aggrieved parties. Does anyone even know how many lawsuits against the BC government were launched over the last 12 years and how much this has cost taxpayers?
Scandals, Incompetence and a Lack of Care for the Most Vulnerable among us:
  • BC Rail and the real estate that is gone and refusal to have an Inquiry into the whole mess. 
  • Secret, shadowy approval to spend $6 million in taxpayer funds so Basi & Virk wouldn't get on the stand and name names. The burning question for many, would one of those names be Christy Clark?
  • For 8 years in a row BC led Canada in child poverty (which is family poverty), (now #2 for the country) which means a generation of children in BC have grown up in deprivation. This will cost society billions in health, social and criminal justice costs. 
  • Income and disability assistance have never been harder to access leaving thousands of people, including children and families, around BC  living in deep poverty and homeless with no way to get out. 
  • BC's so-called child protection system in which children and youth have no-one to protect them from the very system that is supposed to stop them from being abused and neglected. 
  • Community Living BC - Devolved from the BC government to save money. Don't keep waitlists, don't know, or care, how many people really need services, don't know how many people are suffering. 
  • Thousands of homeless people in BC have died but the BC Liberal government made sure not to keep any real statistics on this, or issue any reports that analyze why so many have died. 
  • Shell games with seniors care beds and affordable housing dollars. 
  • BC's tattered and fragmented Health care system leaves many in pain, suffering and experiencing a much lower standard of care than a first world nation should experience. 
  • International human rights agencies, including the United Nations, have singled BC out for the numbers of women living in deep poverty, for the continuing mistreatment of Aboriginal girls and women and the failure to adequately investigate missing and murdered Aboriginal girls and women across BC. 

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