Thursday, June 02, 2005

Campbell Conducting cabinet Interviews;

Shuffles inner circle
(June 2, 2005). The Nanaimo Daily News, p.A10.

Victoria (CP) - Premier Gordon Campbell hinted
Wednesday he could announce his new cabinet as
early as next week.

A swearing-in ceremony for Campbell's re-elected
Liberal government is planned for next week and a
cabinet announcement will follow shortly afterwards,
he said.

Campbell, who announced changes to his inner circle,
said the dates for the swearing-in ceremony and
cabinet appointments have not been set, but they will
happen sooner than later.

He said it is difficult to announce a new cabinet when
some of the May 17 election results have yet to be
decided. A judicial recount has been triggered in the
hotly contested Vancouver-Burrard riding after incum-
bent Liberal Lorne Mayencourt came out on top after
absentee ballots were counted.

Mayencourt now has an 18 vote- margin over New
Democrat Tim Stevenson.
Change at the top of civil service
CKNW, (June 1, 2005).

VANCOUVER/CKNW(AM980) - BC's civil service has a new
boss. She is Jessica McDonald, who has been promoted to
deputy minister to Premier Gordon Campbell after Ken Dobell
announced his retirement.

Campbell has also brought deputy ministers Philip Steenkamp
and Dana Hayden into his office from other jobs in the civil

"They have shown both the commitment to the economic and
the social side of government and I think they've all shown
managerial capacity and capability that's very important as
we move British Columbia forward, so I think there's some
new energy there there'll be some new ideas there but it's
really picking up on the progress we've made in the last four
years and moving ahead through the next ten."

Dobell plans to remain a special advisor to the premier on a
part-time basis.

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