Monday, June 06, 2005

Whistleblowing and the New Golden Era

CKNW, (Jun, 06 2005)

VICTORIA(CKNW/AM980) - A Nelson city councillor
who lost his job with the Ministry of Sustainable Resource
Management after publicly opposing a government-backed
project is vowing to sue the government for wrongful

Gord McAdams was fired just hours before his retirement
party and just days after he filed an affidavit containing
confidential government documents in a court battle over
a road project at Grohman Narrows Provincial Park near
Nelson that possibly threatened a turtle habitat.

"We were right in the middle of election. I could've given it
to the opposition party, coulda gone to the press, coulda
sold 'em, gone public but i thought going to the courts was
the most appropriate."

The courts ruled against the project; McAdams plans to sue
but says he has no regrets even though his dismissal means
he'll lose some early retirement benefits.

"if it costs me 25-thousand, it costs me 25-thousand in
retirements big deal but I can look at myself in the mirror
and I could look at my kids eyeball to eyeball."
Park fiasco perfect symbol of Liberal failure on

Paul Willcocks, (June 03, 2005). Paying Attention.

Tattled about turtles, official dismissed
Mark Hume, (June 4, 2005). Globe & Mail Online.
Swearing and shuffling in Victoria
CKNW, (Jun, 06 2005).

- The NDP is still trying to
line up office space at the legislature... meanwhile, the shape of
Gordon Campbell's government should be known in the next
ten days.

NDP leader Carole James is expressing some disappointment
the government is refusing to give up the east annex at the
legislature for the opposition, but says they should have some
kind of arrangement shortly.

"We're in debate on space right now. I'm optimistic by the end
of this week that we'll be starting to move into our space and
have offices for our MLA's and for staff, and I'm looking forward
to our swearing in next week."

The Liberals plan to swear in their MLA's this Thursday at 2 at
the legislature…the NDP will do the same thing on June 15th in
the house...and the Premier's office has now confirmed cabinet
will be appointed on the 16th at yet another ceremony at the

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