Thursday, June 02, 2005

More Bad News for the Vancouver Police Department

Police watchdog recommends audit of VPD
CBC News
, (June 2, 2005).

VANCOUVER – The Vancouver Police Department has
come under fire from B.C.'s Police Complaint Commissioner.

Dirk Ryneveld says the VPD's handling of several complaints
filed by they Pivot Legal Society is "troubling" and wants the
Solicitor General to conduct an audit of the department.
LINK: Report of the Police Complaint Commissioner
(large pdf file)
Cooperation from VPD needed in complaint process
CKNW, (June, 02 2005).

VANCOUVER/CKNW(AM980) - It appears BC's Police
Complaint Commissioner has reached the end of his rope
when it comes to dealing with the Vancouver Police

Dirk Ryneveld has delivered some harsh criticism of the
VPD, in a report on Chief Jamie Graham's controversial
decision to dismiss the findings of an extensive RCMP
investigation into complaints of Vancouver police misconduct
on the downtown eastside.

The commissioner says the problem boils down to a lack of
cooperation on the part of officers in complaint cases, and
the failure of senior VPD management to compel the
members to participate in the civilian oversight process.

Dirk Ryneveld says this case is not the only one his office
has encountered problems with the force on, and in fact,
does not face the same challenge with other municipal forces:
"The other police departments have been persuaded, and
self-persuaded, to cooperate with our office."

Ryneveld is calling on the solicitor-general to order an
independent audit of the department's compliance with
the complaint process.

He has also made several other recommendations, including
proposed changes to the current police act.

As for the outstanding downtown eastside complaints that
sparked this review, Ryneveld has deferred decision on
whether a public hearing should be called pending the
response to his report.

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