Monday, June 06, 2005

Mending Fences?

Civic parties waiting on mayor
By Allen Garr, (Monday, June 06, 2005).
Vancouver Courier.

Put away your putter, pal. Larry Campbell has pulled
the plug on his fundraising golf tournament. The event
scheduled for the University Golf Club June 17 would
have brought in $500 a player for Campbell's re-election

Regardless of what Mayor Potty Mouth has to say about
it publicly-he's not on his "f---ing death bed"-his health
is still a major concern for some senior members in the
Friends of Larry Campbell crowd. You may have noticed
plans to name the new party have stalled. There will be
another meeting next week to, um, take the pulse of
this little effort. Just where that meeting will take place
has become an issue too...

There was also a huge sigh of relief from some NPA quarters
at the news that Lorne Mayencourt won in Vancouver-Burrard.
At least that means he won't be seeking an NPA nomination
for council.

Mayencourt mending fences

By Mike Howell,
(Monday, June 06, 2005).
Vancouver Courier.

Despite being called a "menace" by Mayor Larry Campbell,
Vancouver-Burrard Liberal MLA-elect Lorne Mayencourt wants
to extend an olive branch to the mayor to stop their war of words.

Mayencourt told the Courier Thursday he left a message with
the mayor's office to talk about how they can work together
for the betterment of the riding and Vancouver.

He has yet to receive a return call.

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