Wednesday, June 08, 2005

You Get What You Pay for, or Do we

Mayencourt wins Vancouver
CBC News, (Jun 8 2005).

VANCOUVER – Liberal Lorne Mayencourt has
reclaimed his seat after a tight election race in
Vancouver-Burrard. Mayencourt won the riding
Tuesday after a judicial recount showed he beat
New Democrat Tim Stevenson by only 11 votes
in the May 17th provincial election.
Elections BC confirms Mayencourt win
Jun, 08 2005 - 1:00 PM

VANCOUVER/CKNW(AM980) - Elections BC
has confirmed that Liberal Lorne Mayencourt
remains the winner in Vancouver-Burrard following
a judicial recount.

But spokesperson Jennifer Miller says there's still
one more chapter in the story, as losing candidate
Tim Stevenson has until tomorrow to appeal.

"If no appeal of the results is filed with the court
registry by 4pm on Thursday June 9th, on Friday
June 10th Associate Chief Justice Dohm must issue
a certificate of the results of the election to the
district electoral officer, and at that time the district
electoral officer will then complete the writ of election
declaring the elected candidate and return it to the
chief electoral officer."

The judicial recount shrunk Mayencourt's margin of
victory from 18 votes to 11.

It's a sad bloody day in Mudville.
Here's a salacious little something that keeps
the fires burning on this story. Would like to
know the source on this one.

From Langley Politics:

Lorne Mayencourt
may have won by 11 votes,
but my sources tell me that Tim Stevenson will
almost certainly appeal via the courts. Apparently
71 absentee ballots were put in incorrect envelopes
and thus were not counted, by decision of
Judge Dohm

It ain't over yet, kids!
Stevenson to challenge Mayencourt's election

CBC News, (Jun 8 2005).

Stevenson claims Elections B.C. mishandled the
processing of a number of absentee ballots, some of
which have still not been counted.

"I am very concerned about the 71 ballots, 60 of those
from one poll alone, that both Elections B.C. and the
Supreme Court judge [Dohm]refused to count,"
he said. "They were not opened even. These ballots
were all cast by eligible voters (and) were not counted
because of errors made by Elections B.C."

Pending any change, the election results give the
Liberals 46 seats and the NDP 33.

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