Thursday, June 16, 2005

New BC Liberal Cabinet

Executive Council of the BC Legislature
June 16, 2005

Gordon Campbell - Premier

George Abbott - Minister of Health

Pat Bell - Minister of Agriculture and Lands

Bill Bennett - Minister of State for Mining

Shirley Bond - Minister of Education
Minister Responsible for Early Learning and Literacy
Deputy Premier

Ida Chong - Minister of Community Services
Minister Responsible for Seniors' & Women's Issues

Rich Coleman - Minister of Forests and Range
Minister Responsible for Housing

Tom Christensen -Minister of Aboriginal Relations and Reconciliation

Murray Coell - Minister of Advanced Education
Minister Responsible for Research & Technology

Michael de Jong - Minister of Labour and Citizens’ Services

Kevin Falcon - Minister of Transportation

Stan Hagen - Minister of Children and Family Development

Colin Hansen - Minister of Economic Development
Minister Responsible for the Asia-Pacific Initiative and the Olympics

Olga Ilich - Minister of Tourism, Sports and the Arts

John Les - Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General

Richard Neufeld - Minister of Energy, Mines and Petroleum Resources

Wally Oppal - Attorney General
Minister Responsible for Multiculturalism

Barry Penner -Minister of Environment
Minister Responsible for Water Stewardship and Sustainable Communities

Linda Reid - Minister of State for Childcare

Claude Richmond - Minister of Employment and Income Assistance

Carole Taylor - Minister of Finance

Rick Thorpe - Minister of Small Business and Revenue
Minister Responsible for Deregulation

John Van Dongen -Minister of State for Intergovernmental Relations


Perhaps I shouldn't be suprised, in fact, I'm not, but this one
mighty white Cabinet. So much for beautiful, DIVERSE, BC.
They couldn't appoint any of the Chinese MLA's to the
Asia-Pacific Ministry at least. Or would that have looked too
tokenistic? At least an effort at diversity would have been

No gender balance either, wow, 4 full blown female ministers
and 1 minister of state. That is an abysmal 5/23 in the Executive
Cabinet, or 22%. That just sucks.

Carole Taylor received an interesting post, Finance. And one can
only assume that Shirley Bond is one of the most faithful of the
flock with her busy assignments. Perhaps naming her Deputy
Premier is a way to appease the women-folk for the lame
showing. Again, not surprising.

Curious what this new "Citizens’ Services" is all about. Hmm,
planning to be a little more concerned with democracy and
the rights of citizens??? Hahaha.

Also, no mention of House Speaker yet.
Another interesting tidbit:

Nancy Campbell, Gordon Campbell's wife, has a new gig as
Principal of the Howe Sound Secondary in Squamish. Hmm,
guess they've really moved on, eh? I wish her the best, she
really deserves it after everything is said and done.

Thanks to the Province and Sean Holman, who's back in
the saddle with Public Eye Online. Welcome back.

Congrats on your new column in 24 Hours too.

By Sean Holman, (June 17, 2005). 24 hours.

The titles may have changed. But in the end, most of
the names remained the same. That was one of the
results of yesterday's cabinet swearing-in ceremony.

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