Thursday, June 16, 2005

Policing Update

Police Board Chair pledges review in wake of
critical report

CKNW, (June, 15 2005).

VANCOUVER/CKNW(AM980) - The Vancouver
Police Board is promising a policy review as part of
its response to a scathing report by the Police Complaint

Vancouver Mayor -- and Police Board Chair -- Larry
Campbell is pledging to undertake a 'comprehensive'
policy review.

Campbell says the board is considering ways to ensure
officers fully co-operate with officials during investiga-
tions of their conduct.

This is the first time the Mayor has spoken about the
report since its release two weeks ago.
Secrecy at police board meeting
CKNW, (June 15 2005).

VANCOUVER/CKNW(AM980) - An air of secrecy
continues to hover over the Vancouver Police Department
after the mayor of Vancouver forced reporters to leave
a police board meeting this afternoon.

After Police Chief Jamie Graham initially agreed to
give a statement about an adjudicators ruling invol-
ving two fired Vancouver constables, he was told
by mayor Larry Campbell to stay inside the meeting
for the board's in camera session.

Constable Tim Fanning ended up facing several irate

"He wouldn't speak to us today because he's gotta
wait for the final phase so after June 22nd then he'll
be able to talk to us ok?"

The public portion of the meeting lasted less than
ten minutes.
Judge to investigate police complaint process
CBC News, (Jun 14 2005).

VICTORIA – A retired judge has been appointed by
the provincial government to investigate the handling
of complaints against the Vancouver Police Department
and other municipal police forces in B.C.

FROM JUNE 2, 2005: Police watchdog recommends audit
of Vancouver force

Police Complaints Commissioner Dirk Ryneveld
recently released a report highly critical of the VPD,
accusing some officers of not co-operating with an
external RCMP investigation.
The Honourable Rich Coleman, Minister of Public Safety
and Solicitor General, directs the Director of Police Services
to conduct a review into matters concerning policing in
British Columbia, pursuant to section 42 of the Police Act.

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